Automated VMware Hardware Compatibility checks

Runecast Analyzer automatically checks your servers for compatibility and verifies the I/O devices within them

The VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) is the definitive human-readable resource used to verify whether your ESXi servers and their internal components are supported by VMware. Ensuring your vSphere data center complies with the HCL is considered a number one best practice throughout the professional community.

The HCL contains thousands of devices - it lists the tested and supported physical hardware together with the compatible software and firmware versions. Compliance with the HCL is essential, not only during the design phase and in greenfield deployments, but also throughout the whole life cycle. It will prevent service outages, unpredictable system behavior, and performance degradation. The HCL is continually updated, as are server and component build versions. Keeping your environment compatible is complex and onerous unless you deploy Runecast Analyzer to do it for you.

For a full description of how you can get the most out of this feature, please see the dedicated section in our User Guide.