Default credentials

By default, there are two build-in users. One is used for console management and SSH access and the other is for UI access.

Runecast Console Interface

Configuration changes to the Runecast Analyzer appliance can be performed through the Runecast Console Interface. You can re-configure network settings, change the administrative user password and perform updates.

Info: Please note that the Runecast Console Interface is available only in Runecast Analyzer on VMware vSphere deployments.

To access the Runecast Console Interface, from the VMware vSphere Client select the Runecast Analyzer VM and open the VM console accessible from the Summary tab. Within the console, use the F1 key to log in. The default credentials are:

  • Username: rcadmin
  • Password: admin

For more information about Runecast Console Interface or how to change the rcadmin user password, please visit Runecast Console Interface - Runecast Analyzer User Guide.

Runecast Analyzer UI

From a browser, navigate to the Runecast Analyzer Web Interface URL: https://<appliance IP> and login with default credentials:

  • Username: rcuser
  • Password: Runecast!

Info: Runecast Analyzer is available also as an AMI, available on the AWS Marketplace. Once the instance was configured and launched, navigate to the Runecast Analyzer Web Interface URL https://<EC2 instance public IPv4 address>/rc2 and log in with the default credentials:

  • Username: rcuser
  • Password: <EC2 instance Id>
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