Focus on what is important for you - Custom Profiles

Runecast Analyzer database has embedded thousands of rules (KBs, BPs, CVEs, Security Compliance rules, etc.). If verifying all of them is too overwhelming or some of them are not in your interest for different reasons, but rather you want to keep an eye just on specific ones, be aware that Filters might not be the best option for such a case. The best way to achieve this is to use Custom Profile which allows you to create your own baseline by copying existing issues to your own custom profile.

This feature will become available under the Configuration Analysis section after being enabled in Settings > Knowledge Profiles > Custom Profiles.

In the Profiles Management view, you can either create a new profile or modify the existing ones.

To create a new profile press the Create new profile button located in the top left corner. In the new pop-up window, add the Profile Name, the Code, and the Description.

Press the Create new profile button to generate the profile. The default profile status after creation is OFF. Switch the button to ON to enable the profile and to allow it to be displayed under the Custom Profiles part.

Adding any rule to custom profiles can be easily done using the Custom profiles drop button and selecting Copy issue to profile, available under each rule once expanded.

Before the rule is copied, you must select the desired Profile, change the Severity or provide a new Title if required, and optionally add a Note. Press Copy issue to complete the action.

Now trigger the analysis and check the status of the rules you just added to your Custom Profile.

Note: Just the configuration rules can be copied to Custom Profile. Exceptions are done by the log rules, marked as LOG on the Profile column in the Definition Database.

Did you know that in addition to Custom Profiles, there is also the possibility to modify specific checks by changing the parameter’s default values, used by the checks during analysis, to the desired ones? Please read this topic for more details: The benefits of Customizable rules