Runecast Analyzer

RELEASED December 12, 2022

  • New Runecast OS Agent - delivers significant performance improvements that speed up the analysis. Make sure to download the updated agent from the OS connection page and update your systems to ensure the integrity of the results.
  • Advanced Kubernetes Analysis - newly introduced Runecast Node Collector enables even more comprehensive Kubernetes analysis.
  • Knowledge profiles updates:
    • Added CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guide – developed by NSA and CISA to help companies avoid common misconfigurations and implement recommended hardening measures and mitigations when deploying Kubernetes. Manage profiles
    • Added PowerShell Best Practices – set of guidelines developed by the cooperation of NSA, CISA, NZ NCSC and NCSC-UK to ensure the secure use of PowerShell within your organization.
    • New checks for Operating Systems Vulnerabilities
    • Updated DISA STIG for vSphere 6.7 to also evaluate version 7
    • Updated DISA STIG Draft for vSphere 7
    • Updated DISA STIG for RHEL 8
  • Standard update and maintenance of knowledge rules, HCL records and system packages
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