Runecast Analyzer FAQs

  • On what platforms can I deploy Runecast Analyzer?

Runecast Analyzer can be deployed on the following platforms:

- VMware vSphere as a pre-packaged OVA image available on the Runecast Portal or the VMware Marketplace
- Amazon AWS as a pre-built AMI image available on the AWS Marketplace
- Microsoft Azure as a pre-built image available on the Azure Marketplace
- Kubernetes via Helm chart hosted in the Runecast Helm chart repository

  • What types of systems can be added to Runecast Analyzer to be scanned?

- VMware vCenter Server (including ESXi hosts, VMs)
- VMware NSX-V
- VMware NSX-T
- VMware Horizon
- VMware Cloud Director
- Microsoft Azure
- Kubernetes
- Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)

  • Should I be connected to the Internet for the appliance to work?

No. Runecast Analyzer is running fully offline and does not need an internet connection.

  • How are the updates performed?

Considering the fact that Analyzer is running on-premises, the updates can also be done offline, manually. Still, if an internet connection is available the updates will be effectuated automatically once new ones are available on the Runecast repository. It will be a pull process so no data will leave your environment.

  • Is Runecast Analyzer developed just around exposing the configurations drifts presented in KBs and BPs, or does it go beyond that with much wider functionality?

Besides finding and displaying the configurations drift Runecast Analyzer can help you much more, offering also insights into the issues captured in logs.

  • If my company must follow specific security standards, can Runecast help me to stay on top of security configurations and warn me where I am not following the desired state?

Runecast Analyzer has embedded various security profiles (ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG, etc) covering multiple sectors (financial, pharmaceutical, military, etc) which will guide and support you in keeping your infrastructure compliant and secure against security threats.

  • Identifying the miss configuration and potential issues is a great benefit, but can Runecast Analyzer also help me to automatically fix them?

Many of the rules implemented have embedded scripts to help the user to remediate them faster and on multiple objects.

  • If Runecast Analyzer can check different settings, parameters, and values around my environments can I also see which are my configurations drift between different objects of the same type?

Yes, Configuration Vault features is offering a great view over your infrastructure, allowing you to see and compare objects of the same type, spotting what are the differences in settings and values. This comparison is not limited just to the last scan, but you can also select diverse past scans to identify what changes have taken place over time.

  • Can Runecast Analyzer assist me in checking if my hardware (servers and devices) are compatible according to VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)?

Yes, based on what ESXi version you have deployed, Runecast Analyzer will verify different parameters (ex: model, CPU, bios, drivers firmware, etc) and present whether your hardware is listed on HCL as compatible or not. More than this, an option to simulate an upgrade of your ESXi version is available, offering you great visibility if a hardware change is needed or not before you will proceed with the upgrade.