Runecast Platform 6.5.4

RELEASED April 18, 2023

Here are some of the key features that the latest version offers:

  • Exploit Information for Vulnerabilities - Vulnerability view is now enhanced with additional metadata indicating whether any exploit information is available for a given CVE. This introduces another layer to risk prioritization based on severity levels.
  • Additional Result Statuses - Not Applicable and Not Relevant statuses have been added to make the analysis results even more transparent and easy to consume.
  • Enhanced Inventory View - The Inventory view page has been redesigned to offer cohesive data and interactions across the board. This page displays the same issue grid, filters, and metadata as in other views, so you can quickly gain insights when checking the overall status of your infrastructure.
  • New Compliance Profile: TISAX - The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) standard helps to ensure information security in the automotive industry and is now available in the knowledge profiles list.
  • Updated OS Analysis Agent (Action Required) - New version of the OS agent is available. Update of the target systems is required to take advantage of new improvements.
  • Standard update and maintenance of knowledge rules, HCL records and system packages

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