Runecast Platform 6.5

RELEASED February 9th, 2023

Hi Runecast users,

A new version of the platform is out. Due to the significant improvements made in this latest release, the Runecast platform has been updated from version 6.3 to version 6.5. This version brings the following features and enhancements:

User Experience improvements:

  • Main dashboard redesign – significant redesigning of the main dashboard by including new widgets to provide an exhaustive overview of the vulnerability and security and compliance analysis result.
  • New statuses in issues analysis findings – Added new statuses in the Analysis findings section for security audit accuracy and efficiency. These statuses are: Failed, Passed, Filtered Out, and Unlicensed. This information is accessible through the Runecast user interface, and public API, and can be exported as .csv or .pdf files.
  • Unified dashboard for each system – The new look and feel of the dashboard has been implemented across all views, delivering a uniform and effortless user experience, especially for hybrid cloud environments.
  • Switch left-side menu – The left-side menu has been restructured to provide a more comprehensive overview of the platform´s capabilities. This menu now groups the options into two categories: Security and Compliance and IT Operations.
  • Reporting templates - shareable URL – The URL dynamically updates based on the screen and filters users have set. This allows for easy sharing of links with team members, ensuring that when they access the link, they are taken to the same screen with data filtered in the same manner.

Knowledge profile updates:

  • Updated VMware Guidelines versions – Each vSphere version has now a dedicated section. Users must double-check their filters in order to not affect the results of the analysis
  • Updated PCI DSS to version 4.0
  • Added BSI IT Grundschutz Edition 2022 for Linux – Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse, and CentOS
  • Added DISA STIG for Windows servers – DISA STIG (V1R1) for Windows Server 2022 and updates to DISA STIG for Windows Server 2016 and 2019 to the latest published version (V2R5)
  • Added CIS for CentOS 7
  • Standard update and maintenance of knowledge rules, HCL records, and system packages

For more information about the improvements that this new user interface redesign means for you and for your organization, please check out this blog post release announcement.

We value your opinion and want to hear your feedback on this and future releases. If you have any questions or suggestions you want to share with the Runecast team, please post them to this thread. We will be happy to answer them there!