The benefits of Customizable rules

If your environment is configured more or less strictly than standard requirements, be informed that Runecast Analyzer has built-in two types of rules, Customizable and non-custom.

The difference between them is that Customizable rules allow the user to change the parameter’s default values, used by the checks, to the desired ones.

An additional filter named Customizable can be used to quickly select one of the two types.

To change the default values, expand the rule marked as Customizable and navigate to Customize tab. A short note describing the purpose of the setting and its default value is available.

Click on the Add custom value button, insert the custom value on the dedicated field and select an inventory object which will be evaluated against the new value. By selecting a parent object, the value will be propagated to its children.

After pressing the Add custom value button you will be able to see a new line presenting the object in scope, the custom value, the username, and the time when he updated the value.

Multiple values can be added to different inventory objects. A value set to the child object will rewrite the value set on the parent level. After customization is done don’t forget to Analyze the environment so the new values are considered. Each one of the customized rules will be flagged with a C mark in the Result status column.

Did you know that in addition to Custom rules, there is also the possibility to create your own Custom Profile, including only the rules you are interested in analyzing? Please read this topic for more details: Focus on what is important for you - Custom Profiles