The User Interface is inaccessible, how can I generate the support bundle?

If the UI is not reachable, please perform the following steps to generate the logs:

  1. If SSH is already Enabled on Runecast Analyzer, please continue with step 7
  2. Open the Runecast Analyzer appliance console
  3. Login with rcadmin user (default password: admin)
  4. Navigate to Remote Access and press Enter
  5. Select Enable SSH and press Enter
  6. Navigate to Logout and press Enter to return to the previous menu
  7. Initiate SSH session to Runecast Analyzer
  8. Run the following command to generate the support bundle:
    sudo /opt/runecast/scripts/

The output file is saved to /tmp/rcsupp.tar.gz.

After the logs are extracted, upload them using the Upload log bundle button under your profile on

Inform the support team via an email at and provide a short description of the issue you encountered.

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