What are your industry go-to resources that everyone else should know? πŸ“š

Interested to hear about some industry go-to resources for CNAPP, Security compliance, or ITOM that everyone should know. What would be your tips? And what info are you missing there?

I love the NoMoreRansom project ( link )
its the combined effort of the security industry to make decrypting ransomware as accessible as possible. Its setup without any thought of profit or revenue for the contributors, but just to help individuals and companies to recover from known ransomware strains.


I’m a big fan of Kelly!
She offers deep AND practical insights into the state of cybersecurity - representing the CISO’s and Security Experts real needs.


I think one of the most underrated sites for public utility is https://haveibeenpwned.com

It helps average people to realize that they should:

:unlock: Change all passwords
:unlock: Enable 2FA everywhere
:unlock: Stay alert to make good decisions